Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You mess with all of us...

Obama has done himself in on this one.

I'm not going to pretend you don't know about the whole disgraceful attack on conscience issue that's come up. If you don't know about it, go to Even the most liberal of Bishops are speaking out against it.

When Obama does something to get Cardinal Mahoney (the former Arch Bishop of Los Angeles that Benedict couldn't wait the normal five years to replace) to say something like "My vote on November 6 will be for the candidate for President of the United States and members of Congress who intend to recognize the full spectrum of rights under the many conscience clauses of morality and public policy. If any candidate refuses to acknowledge and to promote those rights, then that candidate will not receive my vote." on his January 20th post to his blog listed here,  you know he's gone and done it.

Not gonna lie, it freaks me out that for ONCE I agree with Mahoney, AND Diocese of Rochester, AND The National Catholic Reporter (one of the worst claiming-to-be-Catholic publications EVER) (here and here).

I did check the Women's  Ordination Conference to see if they said anything. Nadda as of yet. If THEY would have put up something on their website against this, I may have died of happiness right here and now.

Napoleon once said that he was going to try and destroy the Catholic Church. Someone responded to him with, "But the Clergy has been trying to do that for centuries!"

Never before in my short (7 year) Catholic lifespan have I ever seen so many Catholics so united. While some may see this as kind of pathetic... I'll just be happy with what we have right now.

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