Sunday, October 28, 2012

I neglect my blog updates

Oh well, I'm busy and have a "real" life (not actually as you will see soon)... and a LOT has been going on.

1) I don't actually think I mentioned it here, but at the end of last month my father was hit by a car while riding a bike (not his, actually). He never went unconscious, but he was temporarily paralyzed completely. It was very scary for my mother... it would have been very scary for me if my mother had bothered to call my cell phone more than once... (when you see one phone call from your mother that was a couple of hours ago and it's now 9:30, you don't think, "Oh wow, I should call her back RIGHT NOW!" I was planning on calling her during lunch the next day). The word only got to me because her next door neighbor found my work number and got ahold of me there (freaked me out by giving me no mention of who he is but talking to me sternly as soon as I answered the phone, I honestly thought it was another phone stalker [I had one my first year of college]). Anyway, by the time I found out, he was able to move every appendage and talk so it looked like he was going to be okay. I'm planning on visiting them in DC this weekend, but I called them and said I don't want to hit any huge storms on the way, cause it looks like there will be tons of rain all over our route.

2) My spiritual director is back in the country and safe. I lost 10 pounds while he was missing, not a diet I recommend, but I was starting to not fit into many of my clothes, so this was good. I've been able to keep off  most of that by not snacking. I'm so glad he's back but as he tells his story, I am more and more scared. The situation in Greece is a true nightmare. Apparently one of the fastest growing parties there is a neo-nazi party, which is anti immigrant, and anti Catholic. Father was basically going to Greece to be a Vatican diplomat... I'm amazed he got out alive.

3) I don't like my town. I have nothing more than a couple of acquaintances (oh, and I guess a husband, too). Let's just say that this town really sucks if you are a bit of a shy extrovert. Also, I don't fit in with the people here. I'm used to towns with culture... people... traffic that at least makes sense...I don't believe that to be a Trad you have to have ugly skirts, 12 children by the time you've been married 10 years, and... ya. I've met one guy that I think will get along with James and me really well when he graduates from Christendom. Funny enough he played organ at our wedding... and then we met him a month or two later through crazy happenstance! There is also another girl that I *love* but she lives a bit far away and unless she finds a job closer (which she wants to) it's a bit crazy for her to come and hang out a lot.

4) If you don't mind saying a prayer for our finances, please do. Student loans are literally half of our income (after taxes). Rent is a third. Gas is somewhere around 2/5, and all other expenses are around a third... if you can't tell, that means we're going into debt each month. Now, I just got a credit card that I have 0% interest on until June, but I currently have $2,000 on it that I have no way to pay down (they keep raising and raising my credit limit on it). I'm seriously getting nervous. I didn't think it was that bad until last month, when I realized that even with my several hundred dollar bonus, we couldn't make ends meet...I keep praying that James will get a better job, or at least we'll get the loans on the income repayment plan, but that takes ages, and James gets so frustrated and overwhelemed and gives up on it temporarily, not realizing what a burdon he's placing on me. I hope this isn't too personal of information to share, but I'm just seriously getting nervous... Prayers would be appreciated.

5) I'm back on the Remicade. At this point, I'm 83% sure we'll be able to afford it, but I just don't know. Here's to hoping! I can already move better and I only had it two days ago! My left elbow is *slightly* straighter, too! Yay!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Father is okay!!

To those who don't know, my beloved spiritual director contacted his family Monday (yesterday) and he is safe! Thanks to everyone who prayed! I can't wait to see him for the second time in my life (because he's been in Greece/Rome the entire time I've known him, I only met him once in person, we've exchanged about 1,000 emails, though and talked on the phone possibly 300 times in 4 years). (those numbers are rough estimates)