Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Long takes Saturday

1) I have been dead. James doesn't know this, but I've been going to work early all this week because I've just wanted to get out of the apartment. It's been so messy that I can't function. Finally today I broke down and told him that I didn't even want to go to the bathroom because of how nasty it is in there. There has only been one other time that the messyness of a room has contributed to that much of a breakdown, and it was when I lived with this girl Tessie. She was SUCH a sweetheart, BUT she was the worst mess I've ever known. She would fill up her drawers with stuff so high that they couldn't close (big pet peeve of mine), then, instead of cleaning them, she would DETACH them from their source, and pile them with stuff as high as they could go (piling other drawers on top of it). Ya, I kinda lost it that semester. I mean, I'm no neat freak myself, but I do kinda go crazy with too much clutter. Now that I have a permanent roommate... it's kinda bad. It drains me of energy. I was supposed to do dishes all this week because of the dog (more on that below) and I just didn't have the energy to do them! I've been grumpy at work, but boy have I collected overtime this week (I generally don't stay late on principal, but everyone knows I am a chronically early arriver).

2) We got a dog. We don't have him any more because it was more a trial period. He was a beagle with some serious behavioral issues. He didn't get the fact that my bedroom is not a toilet, so we had to keep him in a crate when we couldn't pay 90% attention to him. But that only caused him to be more wild and unmanageable... so we decided to give him back.

3) The arthritis is back... with a vengeance. I was walking the dog the other day and I did something to my hip, causing my knee and hip to get really inflamed and I had a huge limp until I went to the rolfer on Thursday. She found that I walk with my knees pointed in so that overstimulated a nerve and she pressed on it and I almost died. This seemed to eliminate my inflammation that was going on, but I still have some damage in my left hip. I also apparently hold all of my stress inside (try telling James that) and it leaves me with chronically tight muscles/tendons. I still haven't been able to walk normally (I can't walk forward with my left leg all the way back) yet, but I'm going to try and go for another appointment soon. I've been continuously trying to touch the nerve and it's been helping, though it has a long way to go.

4) I didn't misspell the word above. I welt to a Rolfer. She does Rolfing. It's this non-new age alternative therapy thing. It's kind of a combination of chiropractic, massage therapy, relexology, ect. It stretches and pulls and honestly hurts a bit. But I think it's working in decreasing my inflammation... and that's totally worth the money I shell out for it.

5) A friend of mine invented something really cool. I'm not the type of person to just say that, but he really did. I always end up running into this guy from one time to another, and then I don't hear from him again for like a year. He's always great to talk to and he's been through a lot. Last time I saw him he was working on a documentary for his deceased wife (May God rest her soul), and now I find out he's become an entrepreneur (ask me if that surprises me, that man thinks at like a million miles a minute and is always thinking about new things).

Here's the website:  (be sure to watch the video)

You back yet? You have to admit that it's totally cool. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get some as gifts... I'm not just trying to plug for my my friend.... In all honesty, if I didn't think it was a good idea I'd mention it to James and then be done with it.

6). Speaking of inventions that I love, I have fallen madly in love with space bags. James' mother makes quilts. James' mother also makes other types of blankets. James' grandmother made blankets... James' great-grandmother made blankets... needless to say, we have too many blankets that we can't get rid of due to sentimental value (sentimental value my- well you know, James is just a bit of a hoarder, not really but he does have the most obnoxious way of going through things before deciding what to get rid of...). Anyway, now these space bags have taken what was taking up three closet tops filled with blankets (and then a couple more thrown in) and now is just filling one closet top... Yes, this is awesome. I have the top of my closet again!!!

7. James is making dinner. It smells good... I think I'll go so I can eat...