Thursday, April 12, 2012

More of my arthritis journey

So the Humira just plain didn't work for me. In fact, it thinned my blood, possibly gave me severe muscle contractions (particularly in my chest, I would've gone to the hospital if I didn't know what else to look for in a heart attack), oh ya and it HURT LIKE HELL. I looked it up online, I'm not the only one. Many people report not getting the full dose because they can't keep it in their leg the whole time, many other have panic attacks (I was getting there, myself).

I started Simponi last night. It took me forever to remember that you have to push the pen down to your leg for the needle to release, in fact I lost one of my free samples because I tainted the needle. Anyway, I sat there holding if for 5 minutes before I could convince myself to push the button.

I'll admit, the pen is not filled with sunshine and happiness... although compared to Humira it kind of is... I barely felt the thing, and let me tell you, I am a wuss. It went in slowly, and Simponi has a mechanism that clicks when the medicine is done so you know to pull it out. I think I need to be careful, though, to keep the thing pressed down a bit more because some of the medicine beaded out of my leg as soon as I finished. I also bled a lot (I used to have the thickest blood ever, so thick that my doctor told me I had to drink more water to keep me from having heart problems, so thin blood is weird to me). It's still going to take some getting used to, but I am happy that I have this as an option to try.

Here's to hoping this is my "magic combo!"

Random fact: Did you know that 60% of people with arthritis are under 65?

Not sure what happened...

Some sort of weird internet fluke seemed to have happened. I check my hits pretty regularly because I'm lame. I normally average about 5-12 hits a week... two days ago I had 20 hits and yesterday was 35...


Is this like those two days in high school where I got the latest CD before anyone else did and like everyone wanted to be my friend... and then when they got the CD they remembered they hated me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Open Position: New female bff

Position Opening Announcement:

Due to recent move and realization that she doesn't fit in with most Traditional Catholic, Liza Jane has announced the opening of a brand new position: New best female friend.

Candidates must be practicing Catholic, be living a basically moral life, and be the kind of person that Jane "clicks" with.

An ideal candidate will have the attributes of a fun loving person who can be serious more often than not. This person would appreciate the finer arts, but can at least appreciate other forms of the less higher arts. They would prefer social interaction to artificial communication, would not be nitpicky, and at least

Required Qualifications:
Must be practicing Catholic trying to live a moral life.
Must enjoy being around people to a significant extent (Jane realizes she often makes the closest friends with introverts, though)
Must enjoy a diverse set of activities: For example (but not limited to), classical concerts, musicals and pop music, as well as a moderate enjoyments in certain sports (though this must in no way be the principal activity in the candidate's life), collecting things, ect.
Must be able to deal with erratic, strongly emotional people...
Must be willing and able to point out flaws in Jane in a constructive but gentle manner, also be willing to laugh at Jane and herself.
MUST WORK WELL WITH INTELLECTUALS (she must enjoy James' company as well as mine)
Must be willing to admit that pants, skirts above the knee, somewhat tighter clothing, and leggings are not a sin, but doesn't need to wear them herself.
Must not be (or have been) the model student, or "perfect"
Must not be involved in so many activities that she doesn't have time for a social life.
Must love dogs
Must be intelligent

Preferred Qualifications:
Married, or in long term relationship (preferably with an intellectual) (single people often don't enjoy listening Jane complain about her soon-to-be husband)
Has a creative imagination
Thinks that going to a karaoke bar once in a blue moon  sounds like a fun thing to do.
Is some type of eccentric
Able to plan social gatherings or activities
Enjoys dancing
Has texting and appreciates occasional text conversations
Appreciates Southern culture (particularly the state of Texas)

Individuals disliking physical affection (hugs, mainly) need not apply.

Please send your applications to Liza Jane,

Lessons from candles

In the Old Form, we keep our candles burning throughout the service until the Gloria. Oh ya, in the old Form, that's about an hour long (if it's a High Mass)

Things I learned at EV
1) Children are a lot better behaved at Mass that's 3 hours long, the first hour in the dark, that starts at 8:30. I think even the ones that are usually the howlers were out as soon as they hit the pew. Don't hate me, but I have no intention of bringing my young children to Mass until I know that they can behave. St Therese's parents didn't bring their little ones to Mass. They left theirs with the crib tied together and then checked on them as soon as they got back. Nowadays, that's considered abusive (we have things like electrical fires...) so we'll get a babysitter.

2) Melting candles hurt. I've always known this, but the hour thing got it through my brain even more.

3) Using styrofoam cups as wax catchers is a *bad idea.* My candle did the coolest thing of melting almost all the way down (faster than ANYONE else there) and it pooled all the wax on the bottom, like a giant candle. But, because it was so low unless I held the candle straight up it burned through the styrofoam, creating a less than pleasant feeling on my fingers. So I went to get a new candle/ cup and the were out of cups. So I placed my candle in the pool of wax left by the previous one and held it until the Gloria. I felt kinda embarrased because James and I were the only ones who had to get new candles, then then I realized that by the time of the Gloria, we were the only ones with our candles still burning! I'm usually so much better with my candles, but I was trying my best to follow along with the Missal by the light of the candle, and to do that you have to tilt it, which causes the wax to drip more, and the candle to go down more quickly.

4) I'm not good with candles for long periods of time. I almost caught my hair on fire twice, my Missal twice (there are now wax spots on it at one part), my hair once, and I got wax on my dress.

The Mass was beautiful. This was my first year going to all three parts of the Old Triduum. I'll tell you this, it's very time consuming, but totally worth it. Amazingly beautiful, completely reverent, and very worthy of the occasion of Easter.

I have a couple of Easter traditions. First, is that I wear my special Easter dress. I was received into the Church seven years ago with that dress and I've worn it every year for Easter Vigil ever since (okay there was a problem one year with it so I wore it for Divine Mercy Sunday instead). Each year I put it on only for Easter, and remember that it's slightly see through. Each year I do something different to fix this issue, think "I'll have to fix this for next year" then forget about it. Being that this is the seventh year of my dress, I think that it is time to say goodbye. I am keeping the dress but I might convert it to a first communion/confirmation dress for my little girls (should we have any).

Second, I always cry at some point during Easter Vigil. My first year I cried only at Confirmation. It actually surprised me because Confirmation is the sacrament that I understand the least, and therefore have virtually no emotional connection to it. I didn't cry when receiving my first Blessed Sacrament, when I thought I would cry. I just felt more complete. Every year, though I cry at some point. A couple years ago it was right at the beginning when they sing that "Oh Happy Fault" part, because that's what my beloved Father Michael Kelley (may God rest his soul) chanted at my first Easter Vigil. It was either the Easter after he died that I cried or the year after that. It still breaks my heart that he is gone whenever I think of him. This year I've had virtually no emotional involvement with the preparation for Easter. Part of me feels guilty about this because I'm sure anticipating the wedding has something to do with it. But part of me also realizes that after seven years of marriage, James ad I aren't going to be looking forward to our anniversary in the same way. So I figure it may have something to do with that. Well, yesterday I went to receive, and as I was walking back, I started crying. The tradition lives on I guess... I was really not expecting that.

Well, I'm about to get ready for Easter Sunday Mass. James really likes going to it, so we're making it a tradition to go to both. God bless everyone and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

27 days

So things are starting to catch up to me.

We have our rings (and they fit this time!), oh, James' finger looks SO GOOD with a ring on it!

I took my dress to get pressed. Now I'm going to have to keep James out of my closet (he keeps his coats/jackets in there) for a week before the wedding cause there is not other place to put it...

Still need to work on rehearsal dinner stuff and those programs, which one of my friends said she'd help with designing.

Oh, ya. We're moving. As in, we found an apartment for both of us to move into. Because James said he didn't think he could handle another move, I found cheap movers (that are certified and insured and everything) that will move all the big stuff for us.

Oh, I've been wanting to share this on facebook, but I don't trust that no awkward comments will be made so I wont, but WE'RE GETTING A REALLY NICE BEDROOM SET!!! James' mom found this website where you can get AMAZING b-room sets for around $800. I'm talking complete with two nightstands, a dresser,mirror, headboard, AND chest. They only deliver to certain Midwest locations, but they also have links to tons of nationwide cheap online furniture places... I just have to tell you about it!!!!!

They also have tons of different available furniture types of things. For something that is brand new, many of these prices are a STEAL, especially look at how nice they are!

We also ordered our new queen size bed yesterday. I'm so excited. It's going to the new place for the day "we" move in. James will be moving in the first day, and we'll both be moving our (mainly his) stuff from my apartment over there, and then after the 28th, I'll be there. :D I don't know, something about ordering our bedroom furniture makes me feel all bubly inside. I mean, wow, this is really happening, isn't it? 

Here's another reason why I'm a terrible person: 

I have been monitoring our gift registry site like a hawk. So far people have gotten us a bunch of nice stuff. I mean, aside from the silverware and a few other things, we really have most everything we want now (don't get me wrong, there are still over 150 items on our list left to get). We're going to have to exchange the tablecloth for a smaller one (the new apartment is itty bitty, but comes with free storage). 

Anyway,  YAY SOMEONE BOUGHT THE SPICE RACK I REALLY WANT! Now all I really need is the cheese slicer and the kitchen floor mat and that new car and I'll be happy. 

Palm Sunday

Today I think was one of the most beautiful Masses I ever went to.

As you know, I go to the Traditional Latin Mass most Sundays. I have never been to a full fledged Solemn High Mass on Palm Sunday complete with Procession, and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. It was so cool. The congregation even went up and kneeled at the altar rail to receive our palms. Not gonna lie, I was really confused at first, so was James! He told me later that he had never experienced that before.

The family in front of me had these two adorable little boys in sweater vests. The kids kept playing with their palms (which bothers me to no end... I mean, THEY'RE BLESSED!). Anyway, the mom has the strongest attention span to the Mass I've ever known someone to, eventually the Dad made the boys lose their "palm holding privileges" and order was restored. They're basically good kids, I can tell, the Gospel is just reeeeeeally long in the old form.

We then went to the Italian dinner that our parish is famous for, and let me tell you, those were the absolute best meatballs I've ever eaten. I think I may have found the recipe and so I copied it and will try to mimic it in the future.