Sunday, April 1, 2012

27 days

So things are starting to catch up to me.

We have our rings (and they fit this time!), oh, James' finger looks SO GOOD with a ring on it!

I took my dress to get pressed. Now I'm going to have to keep James out of my closet (he keeps his coats/jackets in there) for a week before the wedding cause there is not other place to put it...

Still need to work on rehearsal dinner stuff and those programs, which one of my friends said she'd help with designing.

Oh, ya. We're moving. As in, we found an apartment for both of us to move into. Because James said he didn't think he could handle another move, I found cheap movers (that are certified and insured and everything) that will move all the big stuff for us.

Oh, I've been wanting to share this on facebook, but I don't trust that no awkward comments will be made so I wont, but WE'RE GETTING A REALLY NICE BEDROOM SET!!! James' mom found this website where you can get AMAZING b-room sets for around $800. I'm talking complete with two nightstands, a dresser,mirror, headboard, AND chest. They only deliver to certain Midwest locations, but they also have links to tons of nationwide cheap online furniture places... I just have to tell you about it!!!!!

They also have tons of different available furniture types of things. For something that is brand new, many of these prices are a STEAL, especially look at how nice they are!

We also ordered our new queen size bed yesterday. I'm so excited. It's going to the new place for the day "we" move in. James will be moving in the first day, and we'll both be moving our (mainly his) stuff from my apartment over there, and then after the 28th, I'll be there. :D I don't know, something about ordering our bedroom furniture makes me feel all bubly inside. I mean, wow, this is really happening, isn't it? 

Here's another reason why I'm a terrible person: 

I have been monitoring our gift registry site like a hawk. So far people have gotten us a bunch of nice stuff. I mean, aside from the silverware and a few other things, we really have most everything we want now (don't get me wrong, there are still over 150 items on our list left to get). We're going to have to exchange the tablecloth for a smaller one (the new apartment is itty bitty, but comes with free storage). 

Anyway,  YAY SOMEONE BOUGHT THE SPICE RACK I REALLY WANT! Now all I really need is the cheese slicer and the kitchen floor mat and that new car and I'll be happy. 

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