Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What to write about?

It's amazing how all week I'll be thinking, "Man, I can't WAIT to blog about this!" but by the time I get a chance, I've completely forgotten about it.

I'll put in a little update about Medicine N. I've been on my New medicine on its full dose for right at around 2 months now. Since I've been on N, I've had a brigade of side effects, ranging from moodiness to severe sleep deprivation. All the effects have since mellowed out. I talked to my doctor today with James (who isn't so sure about me taking a med that's not FDA approved among other things). James has a natural distrust for doctors, so he's still checking this stuff out. We're going to lower my dosage because I'm still having some sleep disturbances (mainly that I sleep for 8 or 9 hours and am still exhausted every day). I started going to a chiropractor. I know, many people think they're nuts but I've always kinda liked them. Also, because I've already used up my deductible this year, I get to go 3 times a week for free till January. I have noticed progress, but my body is still in some pretty bad shape. I finally caved and started going about a month ago when I threw out my shoulder by picking up my 2 year old neighbor. My chrio is also a nutritionist and he wants me to take some supplements to help me sleep better. Frankly, I don't mind trying them.

James' birthday is right around Christmas. I asked him if I could get him just one present for both, and he looked rather hurt. Sorry, I just don't really come from a family that makes a big deal out of birthdays. I don't even remember if my parents gave my anything for my birthday most of the years I was in college (they probably did and it was a small rectangular piece of paper) but it was never really a huge deal to me. But it would really bother James if I didn't, so I'll try my hardest and go and get that picky, picky man something...twice. I have some ideas, though.

James says I'm really going to like my Christmas gift. He keeps going on about it and is intentionally creating a hype in me...This year is our last Christmas (or any holiday) away from each other. We will be spending all holidays with his family for specific reasons, so I wanted to spend a "last Christmas" with my family. We are basically hoping to do what my dad does with his mom and go down the week after Christmas in future years, but this will be a nice... though spending 4 1/2 days away from him will be awful. We plan to exchange presents before Christmas, and then over the phone we'll open the other's present. Isn't that ridiculously cute and kinda romantic? (DON'T TELL JAMES, HE'LL CHANGE IT IF HE KNEW!!!)

Oh, my doctor asked to see my in 6 months, and I excitedly shouted "I'll have a different name then!!" 4 months, 22 days... but who's counting, really (at the risk of losing my head, I'll mention that James actually informs me of how many days that are left multiple times each day)?


  1. I need to figure out how to change my name. (What do you mean, changing it on Facebook doesn't make it official!?) My current excuse is that I left the sheet explaining how to do it at my parents' house. But I am wise in the ways of Google; I can probably figure it out myself.

  2. Also, when we set the date for our wedding Scott coded a webpage for me that told me how many days it was. Now that page says "Are you happy?" I'm leaving it on my home page tabs because seeing it makes me a little MORE happy. :)