Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've actually been really hoping to have time to make a new post on here soon. I'm basically almost exclusively limited to Sundays, considering that's the only day I can breathe most of the time.


I now have the following booked:
     bridesmaid dresses
     venue (with catering)
     the men's outfits (long story with that one)
We mainly only have the following left:
    wedding bands
    still working out kinks with the music (both for the Mass and for the reception)
    marriage prep
    invitations (I had some picked out but I changed my mind)
    complete guest list
    reserve a block of hotel rooms for guests
    Rehearsal dinner stuff
    gifts for wedding party
    hair and makeup artist
    figuring out favors
    marriage license
    veils for my bridesmaids (I am a Trad, after all)

Let me know if there's anything I need that I don't have on either list. Anyway, we've done pretty well so far. Actually, we have all the majorly important stuff! We just got the venue yesterday, phew. That's the most important one next to the Mass time and location (which has also been a tricky matter).

Things keep coming up. No, it's not the usual things wither. I LOVE my dress, I should be getting it in the next few weeks to start my alterations (I'm in between sizes so alterations are gonna be fuuuun). My veil was the only thing I got that was overbudget. I had no idea how expensive they are. I do think this one's rather overpriced but I got 20% off and it matches my dress and... I just don't want to go hunting all over the place to find a veil that I like less that's going to save me no more than probably $50.

Speaking of my dress, it was the third one I tried on! I know, really! As soon as I saw it, I knew that was it. Because James occasionally looks at this blog, I wont put any pictures or give any description other than this. It's white (not like cream which looks HORRIBLE with my skin). It's floorlength and formal. It has been described by just about everyone as "simple but elegant." I showed just about everyone at work the picture (most of the people at my work are men... the ones with daughters my age know the right things to say... the single guys... don't).

Speaking of work, I work in administration with a bunch of engineers. They are really cool. Most of us in administration, though, are women. Actually, all five of us are, but there are a couple of other women. They are so much fun. I'm currently in the process of finding us a new company who will sell sodas and coffee and I think we finally have ourselves a new one by next week. I've been there 4 weeks and I'm already sick of the inability of the current company to do their job. I've worked with one order with them and they messed it up 4 TIMES. I mean, how can you mess up a single order four separate times? So, this new company is coming in to give us a sample of their coffee (most of the guys don't like our current coffee) and we'll see how that goes! I get along with the personalities of most people there really well. There's this one woman who is Catholic, and  can tell she really cares abotu her faith. She's a really good person and she sent both her kids to Catholic school. What's really fun about her is she's the sweetest lady who won't take any crap from people. The other day, Rob, the one who picks on everyone and gets it all back, was talking about how his wife is a "stay at home bum." Now, I could tell he was joking, but this woman couldn't. Man, she jumped down his throat like nothing else. He just stood there chuckling and agreeing with her about how important it is for women to stay at home with kids. He said that she's looking to work again cause their kid is going to school soon and Rob said he's going to tell any boss of hers that they'd better not give her any crap because she will just leave. He's doesn't want her working unless she actually enjoys it. I love being in an atmosphere where that's the kind of people I'm working with!

I forgot to bring my new medicine, let's just call it  N, when I visited to look for a dress. The side effects were getting pretty bad from it so I decided to see how long I could go without taking it before the pain came back. Answer: one week exactly. The side effects have unfortunately gotten pretty bad. After being off of it for a week they mellowed out but I can tell that the moodiness is coming back. I think it literally causes manic depression in me. This is really a pain because... well... I'm already a not completely emotionally stable person as it is, and this just brings me back to my worst days. Friends who knew me then, think my second year at my Catholic College. Ya. For my own sake I'm not going to elaborate. But just please pray. I am lucky enough to be able to tell that most of the time I think crying is an overreaction... but still. Please pray for me in this. I basically have few choices with dealing with the endometriosis. Oh, by the way, if you can't tell, it's midnight and I'm awake. Ya, that's a side effect, too. The annoying thing is I don't have any time to take off work for medical reasons until December... I really don't want to start taking off so early in my job but I think I may cause this is getting bad...

So James and I have been spending a lot more time together because he moved closer to me. The down side? Now we're getting a lot more of the little annoying things about the other person. He can be the absolute worst slob I've encountered in my life. No, that's not true, I've known men that don't bathe and really smell, but even THEY were cleaner than this guy. We fought about stupid things (mainly cleanliness related). We fought about important things. We fought about food, cleanliness, clothing, finances... a lot of things. We settled on the food, he lost on the cleanliness, I lost on the clothing and finances. It's not that cut and dry, but with most of our fights one of us realized we were wrong and gave in.

Oh, and by the way, one of those fights was because I got all huffy when I found out that any event not in the evening is NOT supposed to have a tux. I eventually got over it (though I admit, I'm not over the disappointment of knowing that I'll never get to see James in a tux :(  ). Apparently the more formal thing to do is wear what is called morning jackets. I don't know who makes up these rules, but every place we looked online agrees that it's the more formal thing to do.. They aren't as stunningly handsome as a tux, but they are more appropriate for the morning, so... you know, whatever. I don't really mind about the fact that it's not a tux... it's just... there is something so wonderful about walking down the aisle and looking at that guy across and thinking "I get to be with THAT GUY for the rest of my life?!? YES!" I mean, it's a proven fact that a tux increases handsomeness by about 78% (Roughamm and Dilan, 2009). Yes, I'll still think he's uber handsome when I'm walking down (and every moment until then), but I am saddened that it'll be taking away some of that wow factor (you know, the "I've never seen him THAT polished!" factor). And, like I said, this is basically the only time I'd ever get to see him in a tux, and that makes me very, very sad :( Also, I'm afraid that it will make the event itself look less formal. I mean, the morning jackets have pinstriped pants and a different colored jacket. It looks nice, don't get me wrong, but because it's not matching I'm just sad. I don't know why this still makes me so upset. But I've agreed to this because it's important to him, and he's sooooo worth my being a tiny bit disappointed (okay, a bit more than tiny). Anyway, I gotta stop talking about this because I'm tearing up too much (stupid medicine!)

We had the shortest and most interesting fight yet last night. He came over and I was making dinner. I told him dinner would be ready in about 30 min. This was right at 6:00pm. He told he he was going to go on a little drive. I thought it was a little weird, but oh well, that's fine. 6:20 comes... he's nowhere to be found. 6:25 comes, I'm getting a little nervous. Dinner is finished. I try to call him and no answer. I wait a few minutes. I call again, goes straight to voicemail. I'm starting to panic because I thought he turned off his phone. Why would he do that??? I left a message with the vocal intonations indicating I was starting to cry (this was not a result of my medicine, I could tell) saying I didn't know where he was or what he was doing and dinner was ready and I was waiting for him and all. 6:45ish, he calls me back  He tells me he's about done and asks if I want him to stop buy and grab some milk. I'm already done crying at this point and hesitantly tell him sure. I hang up and try to analyze why I'm getting so upset. I realize that an element is the frustration of he left and I made dinner for him, ect, ect. But, I realized I was mainly upset because he told me he would help me clean the apartment after dinner but now as time is going by he's just going to say he's too tired and go home after he eats. He also wont let me put up most of his stuff. This is when I start getting really angry, cause the apartment is a wreck and it was muchly (not wholly) his doing. 7:20 passes. I. am. livid. I write a note on the door that says "James I'm too angry to speak to you right now. A cold dinner is waiting on the stove. Wait until I approach you before you talk to me." and as soon as I put the note up he calls. "What?!" a firm voice greeted him. "Jane?? What's wrong??" I told him and he rushed back (arriving around 8:00). I decide to busy myself with something for about 20 minutes and I wouldn't let him come in the room and it was too hard to talk through the walls. When I got out, he approached me, "Didn't you read the sign?!?" I asked. "Do you really think that's going to stop me?" was his response. Here I ream him out for being gone an hour and a half when he knew full well that dinner would be ready at 6:30. He, almost in a wimper, told me that he was so sorry and that he didn't tell me where he was because he wanted to surprise me with something. *diffuse* I mean, seriously. It's hard enough to stay angry at a repentant man... then when you find out he wanted to surprise you with something? Sigh. I knew I was done. I stopped with my huff and waited, while he cleaned more than he usually gets done in four hours in about 40 minutes (I can never intentionally guilt him, but this was nice). The surprise wasn't actually something directly for me, but it still was cute. I think I'm gonna tell him that if he ever fails like that again I'm a real sucker for flowers...and milk chocolate truffles...

Perhaps this is from my Protestant upbringing, but I'm not really one of those "you can't celebrate Christmas until December 25th" people. I get it, Christmas is a smaller season... but outside of Mass I'm still going to sing Christmas carols and wish people Merry Christmas (unless I am fully aware they're not Christian or they're wearing a turbin or yarmulke or something, then I'll usually not say anything... only happiness for us Christians!!!)(this is one of the reasons I keep my blog anonymous). I"m generally okay with people starting Christmas music right after Thanksgiving, even if it's not Advent yet, cause it's just so close and that really is the custom here in the States. But... THERE SHOULD BE NO "CHRISTMAS" MUSIC ON THE RADIO NOW!!! I have purposefully unset any of my preset stations that play only winter carols the day after Halloween. Sorry, Frosty isn't allowed to come out right now. It's 67 degrees in my city at almost one o'clock in the morning (I love this city). I'm wondering how seriously it would be taken if I wrote to my Congressman about this... I mean, they actually passed that legislation about TV commercial volumes...

I hope to write a discourse on my current music trends next time I write! Now I will attempt to get my 5 hours of sleep for the night.


  1. I would have totally lost it on Scott if he ever did something like that. I mean, seriously. You LEAVE even when you KNOW dinner is going to be ready, and then I can't CALL you so I don't know if I can eat without you, and then the food gets COLD!!

    What does it say about me that my "normal" is Liza Jane's "doped up on meds"? :\

    Fortunately, Scott is very well trained to dispense chocolate at regular intervals. It's sad that that always works. My poor waistline.

    Remind me to comment on the wedding planning element of this when I'm not busy composing programs and stuff.

  2. Sojourner, does it occur to you that I may be over emphasizing the medication's affecting my mental health? Trust me, I'd be a basket case either way, I just have some sort of excuse now.

    What do you mean you're busy right now? It's not like you have anything important going on tomorrow or anything?

    Hey, when y'all get back, give me a call cause we simply MUST hang out.