Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 Quick takes... Thursday

As is obvious, now that I'm working a full time job with a 40  minute commute... I have a lot less time on my hands.

A few quick points:

1. I LOVE MY JOB! The people have such great personalities, and one of the ladies I work with is even Catholic! I told her that the wedding was going to be the TLM and she was like, "woooow..." They have a really sweet benefits package, and James will even be able to be added to my vision and dental (he only has health). St Therese, you are sooo good to me!!!

2. The people at my job seem to like me! I shouldn't be surprised... this happens in many places I've worked... I just... like to hear it.

3. Please pray for James. He's trying to find a new place to stay and things are a bit complicated. There is the possibility that I may move in temporarily with someone and he takes my apartment but... we're looking.

4. People in my city don't know what traffic is. I have a 40 minute commute (35 on a no-traffic day... I work 8-5 so that never happens) and it's kinda annoying, but it's not all that bad. I'm from DC where 40 min is basically the typical. However, something happened that made me laugh yesterday. People in the midwest (the closest I'll tell you to where I live) seem to always be unable to drive in the rain (see #5). There are always wrecks when it rains. Instead of clearing the wreck off to the side of the road (like normal cities...), they close the lane, process the information, and THEN clear it off. It's dumb really. Anyway, this one road I drove on yesterday was literally stop and go. The others were heavily congested, but I think that if you're able to go 45 mph or more, it's not traffic. I was pleasantly surprised that in all this mess it only took me an hour to get home. I love smaller cities than DC!

5. So this idiot car pulls in front of me then slows down a lot. I was wondering if they were a new driver because they were basically failing (and this is coming from a kid who's only had her license for 3 years now). Then, they changed lanes WITH LESS THAN A CAR LENGTH BETWEEN HIM AND A HUGE TRUCK BEHIND HIM!! I literally screamed, "DON'T DO IT!!!!" as he drove. Gosh, people are idiots! Keep in mind that I was in the right lane, so he only did this in order to go faster, not to get to his exit (which would still have been dumb!)

6. I'm bringing a list of vendors to call during my lunch break tomorrow... let's see how that goes.

7. I don't think that I'm going to have time to work on my research for St Joseph this week. Let's go for having a Saint of the month!

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